We have been servicing the Atlanta area since 1994. With extensive knowledge of professional services. We Install and maintain your custom audio and video system for any industry. We specialize in audio and video installation for government, education, hospitality, retail, and restaurants. We use the highest quality sound, video, surveillance cameras, video and communication components and the best installation techniques.

Our vision
To lead the market in offering cutting-edge digital and communication services

Our mission
Establishing global connections to promote sustainable growth and higher productivity.

CIS (Communication Information Solutions) was founded in 1994 and has been serving clients in the Atlanta area since with our custom audio and video system installation solutions. Working with a wide range of businesses, organizations, and institutions, we specialize in audio and video installations for restaurants, retailers, hospitality, education, and government.

High-Quality Equipment
There is no substitute for quality. At CIS Incorp, we have a sterling reputation since we never cut any corners with regard to the equipment or components we use. We continually source and provide the highest quality communication, video, surveillance, and sound machinery for our solutions.

Wide Range of Capabilities
Another reason we are so popular and have a sterling reputation among the clients we serve in various industries is the wide variety of capabilities our team offer. We can provide low-voltage electric services that allow us to meet your current needs for telecommunications, safety, and security systems and your future goals.
Thanks to our extensive experience working with audio-visual equipment and systems, we can install high-quality home theatre systems for various organizations with setups that include monitors, TVs, cable, projectors, DVRs, speakers, power amplifiers, and plug-and-play devices. In addition to setting up and installing the equipment, we can also provide your personnel and staff with training on using the home theatre solutions.

We also have the experience and expertise to provide reliable cabling installations for network and multimedia services like LAN, WAN, and ADSL. For the safety and security of your property, we offer surveillance equipment and solution installation. We will provide suitable training and maintenance programs for this equipment too.

Fully Qualified and Experience Technicians
We also pride ourselves here at CIS Incorp on having a workforce of some of the industry’s most talented, qualified, and experienced technicians. They will provide a diligent, reliable, and transparent service, no matter your desire. From the simplest to the most complex projects, we will offer the same standard of service.

Our team are highly professional and very friendly and will look to put you at ease with any questions or concerns you may have about the work. Regarding training, they can ensure you know how to work all the solutions and systems we develop and install for you.

Contact Communication Information Solutions Today
If you want to take advantage of our experience, expertise, and industry-recognized accreditations, please don’t hesitate to contact us. You can do this a few ways, such as by giving us a call at 678 921 2574 or by sending us an email to . Speak to one of our team today about your needs and requirements, or if you have any questions or inquiries you have yet to find an answer to on our site. We are always happy to help businesses, organizations, and institutions throughout Atlanta with your various audio, video, and surveillance needs. Even if you have yet to learn the system that might suit your business or organization better, we can help advise you.