Low Voltage
Electric Services

Low voltage systems offer a lot more security and control over the electrical wiring and appliances in the house. Our engineers provide a low-voltage system design that properly regulates all of your appliances and electrical wiring in the event of voltage sag and drop. To manage and install several various systems that will fit your unique demands, our low-voltage department collaborates with your suppliers and distributors. Our engineers offer steady-state low-voltage design and device protection software that is completely automated for device coordination and voltage stats.

Communication Information Solutions

Communication information solutions meet your audio-visual installation needs! No matter the scope of the project, we adhere to the same systematic installation procedure to guarantee accuracy from setup to use. The first application of technology should motivate subsequent uses. For your organization to function properly, all audiovisual equipment in the workplace should inspire confidence in your staff. We, therefore, make sure that your new or updated technology is user-friendly and intuitive throughout the installation procedure. Any government setting, including schools, business offices, enterprise-level workplaces, healthcare institutions, and more, can have audio-visual systems installed by our experts. We are more than capable of providing your firm with the five-star service it requires to convert your ideas into reality, from project management through engineering.

Project Management

At Communication Information Solutions, inc. Our team is well-equipped to provide our clients with valuable solutions for their organization, no matter what stage they are in. Our mission is to build quality and rewarding relationships with each of our clients through quality engagements, while contributing to the long-term sustainability of the communities that we serve.

Audio and Video Installation

Also, we have surveillance systems designed for larger businesses. Using the most up-to-date wireless technology, our alarm security systems in conjunction with our round-the-clock Control Room support ensure that assistance is always available, especially when you need it most. Allow us to install one of our cutting-edge video systems on your property to enhance your security.


We provide only the best quality, high-performance items. We provide the full solution, whether you need a theater room or just surround sound in your living room. To ensure a seamless installation that fulfills your needs for home entertainment and technology and exceeds above and beyond your expectations, we collaborate closely with you, your architect, contractor, and interior designer from the beginning of the project. Call us immediately for installation or consultation if you're seeking the high-performance cinema experience you've always wanted.


Everywhere you look, surveillance cameras are becoming a necessity for safety, security, insurance compliance, and even liability reduction. This is in homes and residential structures, offices and companies, commercial spaces, and governmental, hospitality, healthcare, and educational establishments. We provide surveillance systems that include setting up cameras and focusing them properly. Both indoor and outdoor surveillance is made possible by our contemporary CCTV cameras. With the help of our cutting-edge Internet protocol (IP) CCTV solutions, you can keep a watch on your property from a distance, prevent employee theft and other criminal activity, thwart criminality from outside threats, and foster customer confidence and trust. After we have finished installing the cameras, we make sure the client is familiar with how to use the surveillance system. We offer security solutions for both homes and businesses.

Cable Servicing

We can meet all of your structured cabling and wiring requirements. This is whether you have a newly constructed construction project that must be fully cabled or an existing building or office that simply requires a few extra data drops. We have a wealth of experience and skill in offering high-quality voice and data network wiring services to all industries as a low-voltage contractor and structured cabling business. We collaborate closely with business owners, management firms, IT managers, architects, and interior designers in the building industry. Specifically tailored to your environment and requirements, our highly skilled engineers and low-voltage installers are experts in the design, installation, implementation, and maintenance of sophisticated and functional network systems.

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CIS Incorp.

We have been servicing the Atlanta area since 1994.

With extensive knowledge and professional services we Install and maintain your custom audio and video system for any industry. We specialize in audio and video installation for government, education, hospitality, retail, and restaurants. We use the highest quality sound, video, surveillance cameras, communication components and the best installation techniques.

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Our Capabilities

Low Voltage Electric Services

Our engineers and technicians have a deep understanding of low voltage systems in every industry so you can count on us for unrivaled design, installation, testing, service, and maintenance. Our dedication to each customer extends beyond current needs, ensuring that the telecommunications and safety and security systems we install today can meet the demands of tomorrow.

Home Theatre Systems

Our experience includes work ranging from simple audio/visual system wiring to the design and installation of the most complex and challenging systems. CIS has successfully completed audio/visual jobs in diverse industries.Our audio/visual offerings include consultation, project management, system engineering, installation, training, monitoring, maintenance, and service, and support.

Cabling Services

We currently support multiple technologies, from voice and data to multimedia and network services such as ADSL, WAN, and LAN. A properly installed and designed cabling system adheres to the ANSI standards- increasing the value of your IT facilities while preparing you for ANSI accreditations and certifications.

Surveillance Installation

Our technicians will install your complete video surveillance system, including mounting security cameras and making sure they are aimed and focused correctly. We’ll handle all the wiring, including running the video cables from the cameras to the monitor and DVR, and making the low-voltage video and electrical connections. Once everything is set up, we’ll make sure you know how to use your video surveillance system, and we’re always here if you have questions or need service.